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The Texas Poker Club is a members only, private, social club.
Individual memberships may be purchased daily, monthly, annually or lifetime.
Membership is NOT guaranteed.

Daily Memberships

$10 / Day

Monthly Memberships

$75 / Month

Annual Memberships
-Cash Only-

$500 / Year

Lifetime Memberships
-Cash Only-

$1500 / Life
All New Members must fill out a Membership Application Form prior to being granted provisional membership. Membership at The Texas Poker Club is not guaranteed. The Texas Poker Club Membership Committee meets monthly and reviews provisional members and may approve or deny permanent membership status. The Membership Committee and Texas Poker Club Management can revoke a membership for violations of the Club Rules, Club Code of Conduct, non-payment of dues or fees or upon review of a criminal background check or any other reason.

Rates and Fees:

Each new member shall pay a $5 Membership Activation Fee.  There is a $2 Check-in Fee each time a Members enters The Club. Members must pay an hourly fee when in the club, this Club Access rate is currently $10 per hour. All rates and fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Such change is at the sole discretion of the Texas Poker Club.